About The Cause

Soho Parish is situated in the heart of Soho, on Great Windmill Street. We are dedicated to serving our local community. The majority of our children come from the immediate area and streets around the school, including Chinatown. We have a very mixed ethnic population. Our children speak many different languages, including Cantonese, Mandarin, Bengali, French and Spanish.

Being a child in Soho offers so many exciting opportunities, and the school makes good use of local resources, such as museums, galleries, musical organisations, theatres and parks.

While the governors often have to fundraise to fill our ‘funding gap’, which has recently been around £40,000, we are now looking at a shortfall which could be up to twice that amount. In order to keep Soho Parish School alive in the heart of Soho, we will need increasing support from the local community. This year, there were 78 applications for 22 places in our foundation class.

Soho needs a school. Can you help?

Soho Parish Primary

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